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Toward Accessible Faith & Flourishing: Reconsidering Greek Intellectualism in Western Christian Theology

READ ARTICLE (Open Access). 2021. Journal of Disability and Religion.

Much of what we believe about the “good life” can be traced to Ancient Greek philosophy. In Western Christian theology, who is seen as living a life of human flourishing is significantly shaped by Greek intellectualism. In our churches and communities, we must resist the forces that undermine the lives of witness and contribution of people with disabilities.

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The Meeting House After Party

February 28, 2021. Wrap up of the Come as You Are: Disability, Accessibility, and Jesus series.


Simplicity, Purity of Heart, and the Gift of Limits

READ ARTICLE (Open Access). 2020. Conrad Grebel Review.

Drawing on Anabaptist history and core values and “Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing” by Søren Kierkegaard, this paper highlights the unique virtue and contribution of people with intellectual disabilities in our communities and encourages churches to learn from the witness of people it has tended to marginalize.

Christian Wholeness with Dr. Keith Dow

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST. 2020. The Healthy Spirituality Podcast with Mike Friesen.

Renew Course (Audio): Caring for you as you care for others

Renew Podcast ImageWATCH INTRO VIDEO (YouTube).

Join us as we explore what it looks like to practice resilient care in difficult times. A three-hour course broken into nine podcast sessions, unpacking practices of self-care to combat compassion fatigue in caregiving.


Tamarack InstituteTamarack Institute

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At the Intersection of Theology and Disability

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST 2018. A Podcast of Discipleship with Stephen J. Bedard.

Overview of PhD work, “TED Talk”

WATCH VIDEO (YouTube). 2019 Institute on Theology and Disability.

Every Church Can be Incarnational

WATCH VIDEO (Vimeo). 2018. Inclusion Fusion Conference.

Call, Encounter, and Response: Loving my neighbour with intellectual disabilities

VIEW DISSERTATION 2019. PhD Dissertation, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

Theological ethics of care dissertation under the supervision of Hans Reinders and Thomas E. Reynolds.

Suspending the Ethical: Autonomy, Disability, and Shalom

READ ARTICLE (Open Access). 2013. Peace Studies Journal Vol 6: Issue 4.

Keith Dow argues that “modern Western culture teleologically suspends the ethical in its death-making treatment of persons with disabilities”. He employs the term death-making coined by Wolf Wolfensberger and asks what response peacemaking has to give to a society blind to its own death-making practices.

Kierkegaard’s Ethic: The Other by Faith

READ THESIS (2009). Thesis completed toward the fulfillment of MA Phil, Dominican University College Ottawa.

This thesis examines the authorship of Søren Kierkegaard and the role of faith in establishing ethical responsibility to the human other. Focusing on the concepts of self, despair, sin, faith, neighbour love and preferential love, this thesis demonstrates that Kierkegaard’s authorship posits a love- and faith-based ethics missed by his critics, Martin Buber in particular.